“The situation was extremely difficult for me”

Maryama* fled her home country for Switzerland. Once there, she was abandoned by her husband and was left to fend for herself. From that moment on, alone in a mountainous region and without fully grasping the language, Maryama started to face several problems. She was unable to work at the time and received little support, so Maryama was not able to pay her bills.

After a while, Maryama’s situation improved and she was ready to pay off her debts. Kind-hearted people around her showed their generosity and supported her financially. Our foundation was also able to alleviate significant stress by paying all her outstanding bills. 

Maryama has since obtained a residence permit that allows her to work and to be self-employed. 

Thanks to Zakat, Maryama is able to live debt-free and make a fresh start in life. She has now started an internship in sales and would like to continue on with an apprenticeship after that.

Maryama was extremely touched and grateful for this unique support.   

SZF Editorial Team

* Yasser in a fictitious name

This is a true story

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