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5000% mehr Spenden: Das Erfolgsgeheimnis der Schweizer Zakatstiftung


The Swiss Zakat Foundation (SZF) works in collaboration with various organizations. This can be in the fields of health, law, social work, or even specialists and debt advisors. The collaborations are an important part of achieving a sustainable improvement for the people who apply.

The Swiss Zakat Foundation can be approached in two ways. Either by an organization, on behalf of a client. Or by the person himself. In this way, we make ourselves most available.
Cooperation with organizations is based on reciprocity. Thus, organizations can submit a request on behalf of a client, for example because a financial boost could be useful in this case. At the same time, the Swiss Zakat Foundation is also happy to forward an (individual) request to an aid organization as soon as a specific request for help arises. Of course, this will only be done with the consent and permission of the person concerned.

“The Swiss Foundation for Zakat made a very good impression on me and you were able to help my client with his situation in a simple and pragmatic way. Thank you very much for that.”

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