Management and supervision

The Swiss Zakat Foundation has an independent structure with its own board of trustees. Our organization follows the 21 standards of good conduct, called ZEWO standards, for the management of its operations.
Also, the day-to-day management of the Swiss Foundation for Zakat and its supervision are separated. The supervisory task is the responsibility of the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations.
SZF board Saâd Dhif

Executive Director Saâd Dhif

Saâd Dhif is the Executive Director of the Swiss Foundation for Zakat. Born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland, Saâd completed his Masters in Political Economy at the University of Fribourg and the University of Ottawa in Canada. He worked in the banking sector (Business Development) before joining the foundation. Saâd is also an officer in the Swiss Army where he is currently a captain and company commander.

Board of Trustees

The Foundation Council fully supervises the policy of the management, tests the activities and results against this policy and monitors the overall situation of the organization. The Foundation Council also checks whether the policy is in line with Islamic rules and guidelines. The members of the Foundation Council do not receive any financial compensation. The tasks of the Foundation Council are defined in the statutes. The members of the Foundation Council are appointed for a period of three years. They are chosen for their specific expertise, skills and network.

About us_Muhammed Yesilhark

Muhammed Yesilhark

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

  • Investment and finance professional.
  • Philanthropist
Board SZF_Lina

Lina Awilé

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

  • M.Sc Psychology UNIFR
  • Medical student UNIFR
  • Social worker
Board SZF_Volkan

Volkan Dogu

Member of the foundation board

  • Private client advisor in insurance
  • Captain in the Swiss Army within the PPS
About us_Azim Kidwai_SZF

Azim Kidwai

Member of the foundation board

  • Expert in philanthropy and charity work
  • Advisor to the United Nations

Näder El-Khabiri

Member of the Foundation Board

  • Independent insurance advisor
  • Trainer of apprentices in Bern

Our Memberships


The Swiss Zakat Foundation is a member of proFonds, the umbrella association of Swiss non-profit foundations. ProFonds facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between charitable organizations and enables the SZF to add value to the Swiss foundation landscape.

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