In the short time the Swiss Foundation for Zakat (FSZ) has been in existence, wonderful results have already been achieved. Your 2.5% really makes a difference. They unleash the great potential of Zakat and offer help to those who need it most. The figures below are updated regularly.
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Our Annual Reports

The SZF annual report shows what we were able to achieve in 2021. It is with you that these results were made possible!

Zakat Last update: 31/03/2022

428 People Helped

192'993 Zakat Delivered

790 Number of Donors

60'437 Visitors to the Website

18'598 Number of Zakat Calculations

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Zakat Last update: 31/03/2022

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1'134 Facebook Followers

1'519 Instagram Followers

783 Linkedin Followers

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