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It’s by joining our Zakat that we reach the biggest impact. 

An institution in Switzerland that collects and distributes Zakat in a centralized way is fundamental to our social cohesion and one of the very purposes of Zakat.

Swiss Zakat Foundation

The DNA of SZF

How we do it


True to our Tradition, we distribute Zakat at the local level


We make Zakat more powerful by centralizing it


We distribute Zakat in a balanced way across the 8 categories

How does Zakat work?

Your Zakat Guide

Our Zakat Guide will help you get Zakat-ready, answering some of the most common questions about calculating and giving Zakat.


How you’ve impacted peoples lives

A new beginning

A new beginning

Initial situation: Family, flight & migration Yasser* fled persecution and torture in his home country. Trained as a computer scientist, Yasser got involved with a local environmental organization and collected signatures to raise awareness about pollution in a...

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Zakat Audit Report 2021

Zakat Audit Report 2021

The Swiss Zakat Foundation focuses on managing Zakat, the third pillar of Islam, which is a huge undertaking on a daily basis. That is exactly why we have our accounts audited every year by world-renowned specialists.   This is our annual Zakat audit. We believe...

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‘I really don’t know what I should do’

‘I really don’t know what I should do’

As a student and a father, the COVID-19 lockdown made Hassan’s* situation very difficult as he could no longer work. Hassan, a student at a Swiss university, hoped that he could work alongside his studies in order to meet the needs of his small family. When the...

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