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Cambridge Muslim College

Do you know we are 22 million Muslims in the European Union? How many of those hold an academic qualification in either Contextual Islamic Studies & Leadership or Islamic Psychology?

Not enough for the number of Muslims living in Europe.

The Swiss Zakat Foundation collaborations

How can we tackle the need for trained professionals?

Simple: we encourage students through dedicated scholarships.

The need for psychologists who understand Islam and Western culture has never been greater – for us, but most importantly, for our children.

We are also in dire need of trained leaders for our mosques and cultural centres. A mosque with a trained leader makes a difference in the community and how it flourishes.

How we help

As a Zakat Foundation, we are a linking agent within the community by providing funds when they are most needed.

In that spirit, we have partnered with Cambridge Muslim College for two of their programs; Leadership and Islamic Psychology. We will provide scholarships for these programs and participate in developing the European Muslim community.

Dr. Abdallah Rothman
Principal of Cambridge Muslim College
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But to do that, we need you

Your donations and contributions will provide a pathway for deserving students to gain the knowledge and skills required to become effective Imams and psychologists that will be great pillars of our community.

We invite you to join us in our mission to improve our Ummah.

Don’t wait to make a difference – donate now to support our mission of developing the next generation of leaders in the Muslim community.