- Scholarships

Sponsor future Muslim Chaplains

Chaplains play a vital role in the most intimate parts of a person’s life, providing spiritual support for the elderly, the sick, students, and individuals at every stage. However, due to the current shortage of trained Muslim chaplains, these services are often provided by non-Muslim chaplains or untrained volunteers.

The Swiss Zakat Foundation collaborations

We cannot let non-qualified people fill such a crucial, life-changing responsibility, should they be Muslim volunteers or not.

Helping Students acquire Skills and Knowledge

The “Practising Muslim spiritual guidance in public institutions” CAS program, offered by the Swiss Centre for Islam and Society of the University of Fribourg, is made for our Imaams, social workers and other pillars of our community to receive a relevant, state-of-the-art qualification.

Contribute to developing a much-needed service for our community

Your donation will help provide scholarships for qualified students who will be there for our Muslim brothers and sisters in hospitals, universities, elderly homes, and even prisons.

Support students while fulfilling your Zakat obligation

As the Swiss Zakat Foundation, we are committed to supporting initiatives that empower and uplift our community.