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Sponsor future Muslim Chaplains

Chaplains play a vital role in the most intimate parts of a person’s life, providing spiritual support for the elderly, the sick, students, and individuals at every stage. This program is in partnership with Université de Fribourg.

Cambridge Muslim College Scholarship

How can we tackle the need for trained professionals? We encourage students through dedicated scholarships. We have partnered with Cambridge Muslim College for two of their programs; Leadership and Islamic Psychology.

Islamic Courses for kids in Schools

We do not have any official institution bringing Islamic education into schools. Our children miss out on learning about their faith in a public school setting with trained teachers.

The 10 best days of the year

Plan your donations in advance for the 10 most sacred days of the year.

The DNA of SZF

How we do it


True to our Tradition, we distribute Zakat at the local level


We make Zakat more powerful by centralizing it


We distribute Zakat in a balanced way across the 8 categories

How does Zakat work?

Your Zakat Guide

Our Zakat Guide will help you get Zakat-ready, answering some of the most common questions about calculating and giving Zakat.


How you’ve impacted peoples lives

How Zakat and ESG investments have much to gain from each other

How Zakat and ESG investments have much to gain from each other

Zakat, the annual obligation of Muslims to give away 2.5% of their wealth to charitable causes, has been a key pillar of Islamic finance since its inception. It is also one of the most misunderstood components of Islamic finance. The reality is that it is not merely a...

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“The situation was extremely difficult for me”

“The situation was extremely difficult for me”

Maryama* fled her home country for Switzerland. Once there, she was abandoned by her husband and was left to fend for herself. From that moment on, alone in a mountainous region and without fully grasping the language, Maryama started to face several problems. She was...

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