Cambridge Muslim College


  • Dedicated scholarships for students
  • Support the next generation of leaders
  • Partnered with Cambridge Muslim College

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The Swiss Zakat Foundation collaborations

2.5% for Hakim

and his future

  • Fighting local poverty: support families locally who need your help
  • Empower people to stimulate self-sufficiency
  • Contribute to community development

Help for Morocco

Earthquake Relief

  • Vital and Emergency Support
  • Infrastructure Support for Schools
  • Reconstruction of Houses


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The 10 best days of the year

Plan your donations in advance for the 10 most sacred days of the year.

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Our Recent Projects

Sponsor Future Muslim Chaplains

Chaplains play a vital role in the most intimate parts of a person’s life, providing spiritual support for the elderly, the sick, students, and individuals at every stage. This program is in partnership with Université de Fribourg.

Cambridge Muslim College Scholarship

How can we tackle the need for trained professionals? We encourage students through dedicated scholarships. We have partnered with Cambridge Muslim College for two of their programs; Leadership and Islamic Psychology.

Islamic Courses for kids in Schools

We do not have any official institution bringing Islamic education into schools. Our children miss out on learning about their faith in a public school setting with trained teachers.

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True to Our Tradition, we Distriibute Zakat at the local level



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The Swiss Zakat Foundation (“SZF”) is the first institution in Switzerland exclusively focused on collecting and distributing Zakat.

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