Help Us Raise Emergency Funds For High Atlas Earthquake Relief Fund

The casualty count from the Moroccan earthquake is expected to increase, as rescue teams have not yet accessed several remote villages.

Donate for Vital & emergency support

Inside Marrakech and in the villages of the High Atlas, numerous residents have endured multiple nights on the streets due to fears of returning home, while medics continuously attend to casualties. People need help with rescue, provision of food, water, shelter among others.

Donate for Infrastructure Support for schools

About 100,000 children have been affected by the powerful earthquake that struck Morocco last Friday, UNICEF (the UN children’s agency) said. “While UNICEF doesn’t yet know the exact number of children killed and injured, the latest estimates from 2022 indicate that children represent almost a third of the population in Morocco,” the agency said in a statement.

Donate for Homes Reconstruction

The extent of structural damage and destruction is difficult to grasp. Near the epicenter in the mountains, villages comprised mainly of mud brick and stone dwellings appear to have been completely obliterated.

We seek donations to aid those affected by the disaster. Your support can make a difference.