‘I really don’t know what I should do’

As a student and a father, the COVID-19 lockdown made Hassan’s* situation very difficult as he could no longer work.

Hassan, a student at a Swiss university, hoped that he could work alongside his studies in order to meet the needs of his small family.

When the pandemic hit, Hassan lost all hope of finding a student job. Forced to live off his savings, he soon found himself with nothing left. University grants take a long time to receive and Hassan needed help immediately. His situation became so desperate that it was simply impossible for him to carry on his studies next semester and support his family’s everyday needs.

Then, in the middle of lockdown, Hassan found out about the SZF. He contacted the SZF straight away and applied for support, explaining his situation which had not improved over the past few months. Knowing only a few people in the new city where he was studying, Hassan found someone who was ready to listen and the SZF quickly accepted his request.

The SZF’s social services team was also able to react in a timely manner and cover Hassan’s living costs until he found a job. With their help, Hassan was able to pursue his studies and now has greater peace of mind to plan his own future and his family’s future.

SZF Editorial Team

* Hassan in a fictitious name

This is a true story