‘I really don’t know how I can pay my bills’

A full-time student in a Swiss university, Zahra* was about to lose the diploma that she had sacrificed so much for. Zakat helped her get back on her feet.

With most of her family living abroad, Zahra came to Switzerland to finish her academic training at one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Studying since 2019, Zahra was on the right path to gaining an Advanced Master degree in the field of architecture.

In the middle of 2020, the financial aid she was receiving to help with her studies came to an end. Alone and isolated, her final year of study demanded more time than expected and Zahra found herself lacking money. The sanitary and economic crises made it impossible for her to find a job. In the little time she had left, Zahra’s situation became very difficult and she worried her degree and ambitions could be slipping away.

So Zahra contacted the SZF straight away to find help and a solution for her problem. With no link or relationship with anybody around her, Zahra found that the SZF social services were willing to give her the attention she needed, and quickly accepted her request.

Thanks to their personalised support, the SZF covered Zahra’s costs until the end of her studies. With their help, and in spite of the pandemic and other hurdles, Zahra was able to find a job, finish her studies and reunite with her family.

SZF Editorial Team

*Zahra is a fictitious name

This is a true story