- Islamic Education in Public School

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Did you know over 400,000 Muslims are living in Switzerland? And yet, we do not have any official institution bringing Islamic education into schools. Our children are missing out on the chance to learn about their faith in the same way Christian children have the opportunity to learn about theirs.

Goals of the project

Improve intercultural dialog

For children to feel equal to their classmates

To teach in national languages

To teach children in a familiar environment

Support local communities

Motivated educators need your help

Sumayah in Luzern leads an official and well-structured curriculum for children from school years 1 to 6, teaching them the fundamental principles of Islam.

  • Since 2002, she has recruited four more teachers and opened three different areas. Sumayah worked alone. Her dedication has shown through; we should help her and anyone with a similar project to succeed.
  • We believe it is our responsibility as a Muslim community to provide our children with the knowledge they need to be proud and confident Muslims in Switzerland.

Our experience

As a committed community, we work to build a home were everyone can feel welcomed and safe.

Religious education is provided in Luzern canton. More than 150 pupils in average attend these weekly lessons.

An assessment report has been published by SAD (Swiss Academy for Development) and shared with partnering institutions.

Take action

Your Zakat can make a difference

Your donations will enable us to continue supporting Sumayah and her team and bring this project to others parts of Switzerland.

Let us unite as a community to support Islamic education in schools and help our children learn about their faith in a safe, scholarly environment.