“If I had to give you all the details, these few lines would not be enough”

Separated and pregnant with her first child, Houda found herself alone and having to take care of her mother and younger brother. Faced with debt, your Zakat helped her get back on her feet.

After separating from her partner, Houda went to live with her mother and younger brother. Pregnant and unemployed, her situation quickly deteriorated. Burdened with debt and bills, she faced prosecution.

Having to provide for her mother and younger brother, and pregnant with her first child, Houda needed help. That’s when she heard about the Swiss Zakat Foundation (SZF). She immediately sent a request and explained her situation.

The SZF paid for Houda’s urgent expenses and supported her until her financial situation was stable, freeing her from debt and prosecution. Now, Houda’s situation is more stable and she can prepare for the birth of her first child with less stress and greater peace of mind.

Editorial Team SZF

*Houda is a fictitious name

This is a true story