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The Swiss Foundation for Zakat (SZF) is committed to making a positive impact in Switzerland. Together, we are able to find solutions to various challenges, whether they are economic, social or religious. In this way, we can create a society in which everyone is aware of being the helping hand of the other. The SZF sees itself not only as a relief of sorrow, but also as a promoter of hope.
Swiss Zakat Foundation
Swiss Zakat Foundation connect people

The SZF connects people

Zakat is above all the tool that can connect people. Zakat unites the community as if it were one family. The strongest complement the weakest, and the wealthiest help the poorest. People realize that they are not alone.
The SZF works in the spirit of Zakat to join forces. We spend Zakat in a balanced way to have the most impact at the local level.

The SZF focuses on three areas:

Fighting poverty

Reducing poverty in Swiss society.


Empowering people and thus stimulating self-sufficiency.

Community development

To bring all individuals in Switzerland to interact with each other for a strong and resilient society.

The SZF is your reliable partner

On the one hand, SZF raises awareness about the importance, power and essence of Zakat and helps people to calculate Zakat correctly. On the other hand, SZF is your reliable partner to whom you can give your Zakat or any other donation with the confidence that you will have the greatest possible impact at the local level. The SZF strives to be a leader in professionalism, transparency and efficiency. This includes the expertise of those involved, our annual audits, and an overview of the impact achieved.
Swiss Zakat Foundation reliable partner

Our Activities

Zakat Training


We make Zakat accessible to you so that it can flourish in hearts and in society. We do this by providing informative guides, workshops, courses and webinars on Zakat to various target audiences.
Calculate Zakat


We take the burden of calculating zakat off your shoulders and help you ensure that you spend the correct amount of zakat. To do this, we provide you with our advanced zakat calculator. In addition, you can always contact our zakat experts for any zakat-related questions.
Collecting Zakat


We are your reliable partner for collecting zakat. We collect only through our digital platform. We publish an annual report in which we provide an overview of the funds received, the costs incurred and the impact achieved.
Zakat distribution


We distribute your Zakat to the eight categories established in the Quran (9:60) locally in Switzerland in order to contribute positively to the future of our country.

Distribution of Zakat

We distribute your Zakat according to the eight categories set out in the Quran (9:60), but what does that mean in 2022?
Active since 2020, our social services have been structured to respond to the social challenges in Switzerland and to meet the demands for support that come our way. A team of social workers and lawyers analyze the requests that come in online, design the best possible help, and accompany the beneficiaries on their way to autonomy.
Our social services focus on 3 funds:
Swiss Zakat Foundation Fighting poverty

Fighting poverty:

Poverty is on the rise in Switzerland (FSO, 2021), widening the gaps in society. More than 735,000 people have difficulty making ends meet and are more likely to be in debt. It is by using Zakat in a targeted way that we accompany people on their way to autonomy.

In this area, we help beneficiaries cover their basic needs (food, clothing, care), unpaid rent, as well as avoid potential lawsuits.

Swiss Zakat Foundation Training and education

Training and education:

Self-sufficiency goes hand in hand with training and education. This fund targets two groups:

People who have little or no work experience but wish to re-enter the workforce.
Students who are in the process of studying but who are unable to complete or continue their studies due to lack of funds.

Swiss Zakat Foundation Debt Relief

Debt Relief:

Debt and over-indebtedness remain unresolved challenges in Switzerland. As explained by Dettes Conseils Suisse, people do not get into debt of their own free will: debts are generally the result of particular life situations, such as unemployment, illness, divorce, etc.

People living in poverty are more at risk of entering into a spiral of indebtedness. In total, 40% of the households followed by debt relief services in Switzerland are at risk of poverty (ARTIS). Zakat is there to solve this challenge by offering a debt relief service with the aim of accompanying people out of the debt spiral.

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